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Welcome the new HAUC(UK) Website

We hope you like our new site. Please feel free to contact us with any information, documents or content that you think is missing from the site.


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35 Years

Since 1986, when HAUC(UK) was set up, we’ve been bringing highway authorities, utilities and government departments together with the aim of working safely and smartly. Our aim is to make sure processes, systems and legislation don’t hamper the public who still need to travel while essential works are going on. As a result of our work, we hope to reduce the impact of street and road works throughout the UK.

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HAUC(UK) - Organisation Structure

HAUC(UK) is made up of representatives from across the United Kingdom, representing members Local Authorities, the four main utility sectors and their contractors.

The group work with jointly and equitably across the sector to ensure collaboration and provide transparency in some of the industries most complex areas.

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HAUC(UK) - Regional Groups

HAUC England, RAUC Scotland, RAUC Northern Ireland and Welsh HAUC, work both independently and together, sharing best practice and knowledge providing a comprehensive and strong contribution toward the UK Street Works Industry.

HAUC(UK) is committed to embracing regional differences within the wider UK context to create a collaborative network and community that is the admired across the world.

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HAUC(UK) - Working Groups

Our working groups focus on the key initiatives in the industry. The groups are chaired and contributed to by our members from both the Utilities and Local Authorities.

The groups are overseen and governed by the most appropriate government body whether that is from one of the four devolved nations or from an overarching HAUC(UK).

All groups and work under the overall banner of HAUC(UK) and aim to support the knowledge of all our members.