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HAUC(UK) - Working Group - Performance

Working with DFT and the Governance Group on measures that will enable statistics to be easy reported from the street manager system, to aid authorities and utilities to obtaining reliable data from Street Manager, this will help authorities with their annual / tri annual permit reports and provide relevant data for utilities and show parity over all.

Working Group Aims

Principle Aims

  1. To provide a consistent and simple national overview of what is happening on the network.
  2. To provide a structured area based reports that can be directly compared to with one another
  3. To highlight problems, both on the network and in the processes
  4. To support opportunities to improve performance

Secondary Aims

  1. To allow us to see how things have changed over time
  2. To support decision on what data should be made open
  3. Provide consistent data displayed by sector and type
  4. Allow insight into area and sector performance
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Utility co-chair - Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Julie Payne

Utility co-chair - Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Julie Payne

I have worked for SSEN for 33 years and held the post of Street works Manager for the past 6 years. Prior to this I was the Street works admin manager for 11 years. I am currently secretary of SWJUG and SWHAUC, joint chair of the SEHAUC working group and part of the Street works convention committee. I was part of the Systems EPG group and help with any EPG questions as required. I am a member of the Street works forum for ENA and Geoplace and I enjoy assisting with arranging training and Street works events as well as assisting the wider street works family where I can.

Phil Cameron 650x650
JAG(UK) Chair and Gloucestershire County Council

Phil Cameron

JAG(UK) Chair and Gloucestershire County Council
Phil Cameron

Phil currently holds the position of Gloucestershire's Traffic Manager and has been involved in the street works industry for a number of years. Phil is also plays a prominent role in street works both regionally and nationally being regional chair of both South West JAG and South West HAUC . Phil has also been instrumental in bringing the performance scorecard work forward and the changes to the safety and street works code of practice. Phil is keen to develop systems and working practices that help the industry.

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