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HAUC(UK) Training & Accreditation

This group is dealing matters relating to street works training and accreditation with regard to the New Roads and Streets Works Act 1991 as amended from time to time.

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Training & Accreditation

The aims of the group are

  • Provide guidance on the Street Works Awarding Body acceptance criteria in line with OFQUAL standards
  • Determine ways to ensure and prove that operatives working on the highway and supervisors responsible for the supervision of the street works are competent
  • Holder of the Standards, Unit Content and Question Banks
  • Regularly review the Standards, Units and Question Banks in the light of changes to:
    • Codes of Practice and HAUC(UK) Advice Notes relating to street works,
    • Excavation and reinstatement techniques/materials
    • Health, Safety and Environmental regulations and
    • New technologies.
  • Report back to HAUC(UK) progress on all issues
  • Provide advice to the industry
  • Monitor and make recommendations to ensure consistency (Quality Control)
  • Interface with the DfT on Street Works training matters
  • Provide direction to the HAUC UK Training and Accreditation: Street Works Assessment Delivery Group
  • Liaise with the Registration body
  • Preside over any Street Works Training and accreditation issues

Working Group - Training & Accreditation

Training & Accreditation Our working groups are co chaired with one representative from SWUK and one from JAGUK

Mark Playforth 650x650
Co-Chair (JUG) HAUC(UK) Training and Accreditation Working Group

Mark Playforth

Co-Chair (JUG) HAUC(UK) Training and Accreditation Working Group
Mark Playforth

I am a safety and operational professional with 20+ years experience working in the utilities sectors across Telecommunications, Water and Power. I served in the British Military for 7 years before returning to civilian life working on railway and transport infrastructure projects in the telecoms, water and power sectors. I progressed into various senior operational roles before focussing on Health & Safety, Business Compliance, Training and Business Development in around 2010.

I have been a member of the HAUC working group since 2018 acting as Co-chair in the T&A group and in addition as the Expert Practitioner Group (EPG) Lead for Training at SWUK.

I am passionate about ensuring people have the right training, knowledge, and skillset to empower them to make the right decisions in their role whatever that may be.

I feel strongly that everyone should have opportunities to a career path and progression within their chosen field supported by their employer to encourage loyalty, job security and consistency of workforce and see this as a vital enabler to reducing the current levels of workforce mobility in the utilities sectors.

Founder & Director Ascension 2190 Ltd

Dave Capon CEO 650x650
CEO JAG(UK) and Co-Chair of HAUC(UK)

David Capon

CEO JAG(UK) and Co-Chair of HAUC(UK)
David Capon

David Capon is the JAG(UK) Manager and has worked extensively with the JAG(UK) community in delivering improved communications, management of the network and local knowledge and expertise. Most notably, Dave has played a central role in the delivering of the permit legislation, guidance and operational advice. He has made a significant contribution to the finalisation of government sponsored Codes of Practice, regulations and impact assessments.

Dave regularly engages with the DfT, devolved Governments, Network Rail, Highways England, statutory undertakers and local authorities to deliver continuous improvement to the community. He works hard to support members authorities by: attending regular national, regional and local meetings, providing an on-line library of existing legislation, regulations, procedures and guidance for authorities and their officers, acting as an online advisory service and providing prompt guidance on emerging issues and delivering a focused approach as part of the GeoPlace/Local Government Association family.

Contact Us:

  • Q1 What is the main focus of the T&A group?

    The main focus has been to develop a large bank of question endorsed by HAUC(UK) to use in the accreditation process. This ensure candidates all receive the complete and appropriate training. 

    The next step is looking at digital accreditation and linking this the the HAUC App