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Lane Rental Primary Aims

  1. Identify and consider operational, legislative and technical issues arising from the practical implementation of Lane Rental schemes. This may include Street and Road Works administration and other process / systems issues.
  2. To be a conduit and Forum to consider issues in relation to existing and new Lane Rental schemes and to provide a framework for implementation, application and consistency of schemes.
  3. To be a Forum for debate and to offer guidance.
  4. To provide a Forum, via Authority and Utility representatives, for existing/new Lane Rental scheme promoters to share with prospective future authorities learning points from the development and implementation of existing schemes, and produce documents for approval as HAUC (England) Advice Notes. 
  5. To contribute to any DfT sponsored changes to the existing Lane Rental legislative framework, this may include associated regulations and statutory guidance.
  6. Any other issues agreed by the joint chairs.

Expected Outputs

Our working groups are co chaired with one representative from SWUK and one from JAGUK and where appropriate with additional representation from government departments

Jeff Elliott Photo 650x650
Co- Chair - South East Region (West Sussex County Council)

Jeff Elliott

Co- Chair - South East Region (West Sussex County Council)
Jeff Elliott

I have worked in the Highways Industry for over 30 years from design and build of major highways infrastructure to spending 20 years in local government working at senior levels up to and including head of service. Now specialising in the Street Works industry and being employed as the Highway Network & Traffic Manager in West Sussex County Council. I have extensive experience in designing and supporting the implementation of service delivery improvements directly focussed on councils meeting or exceeding their Network Management Duty. I continuously strive to developed strong relationships across the industry with both councils and works promoters looking to maximise the benefits to all whilst meeting the challenges of evolving Street Works legislation.

Samantha Brothwell 650x650
Convention Co-Chair & Street Works UK Strategy and Risk Director

Samantha Brothwell

Convention Co-Chair & Street Works UK Strategy and Risk Director
Samantha Brothwell

Samantha Brothwell was appointed to the Street Works UK Board in December 2012. Samantha is the Street Works Policy Manager for Western Power Distribution, Electricity Distribution Network Operator for the Midlands, South West of England and South Wales. Samantha is also the current chair of the Energy Networks Association Street Works Forum, East Midlands Joint Utility Group, East Midlands HAUC (Utility Side) and a member of the Co-ordination Working Group.

Samantha has worked in the electricity sector since 1990, and has had responsibility for Street Works since 2000.

Contact Us:

  • Q1 What guidance will the Lane Rental forum be publishing?

    Main focus is producing guidance notes for those considering implementing a Lane rental scheme, to help avoid potential pitfalls and maximise the benefits.

    The focus is on creating consistency of approach for schemes. 

    Guidance is looking to be published by the end of 2021