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HAUC(UK) Working Group - SROH

This group works with the Specification of the Reinstatement of the Highway (SROH). They aim to review and provide ongoing appropriate guidance to the industry.

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Changes to SROH came into force as statutory guidance on 10th May 2021. The 4th edition of the specification encourage Industry to make use of a wider range of options, alternatives and products contained within it during Covid-19.

The HAUC England SROH Working group help produce guidance on the key changes to the specification for Managers and Supervisors and aim to help Authorities, Utilities and their Contractors to become more familiar with the contents

SROH working group will continue review guidance around the SROH and will provide briefing guidance as appropriate 

Click here for the latest version 

HAUC(UK) Working Group - SROH Chairs

Our working groups are co chaired with one representative from SWUK and one from JAGUK 

Colin Rivett 650x650
Co-Chair (JAG) SROH Working Group

Colin Rivett

Co-Chair (JAG) SROH Working Group
Colin Rivett

Colin Rivett is the Street Works Compliance and Performance Manager for Wiltshire Council and has worked for them for the last 12 years. He is the JAG(UK) Joint Chair of the SROH Working Group, member of the Inspections Code Working Group and a member of the JAG(UK) Strategy and Research Group, with over forty years of experience in the industry. Previously working for Statutory Undertakers, Utility Contractors and Highway Authorities in various capacities, Colin has attained a wealth of understanding of the industry, he uses this knowledge and his passion for the industry to continually drive improvement in all areas.

Street Works Compliance and Performance Manager - Wiltshire Council

B Rainger 650
Co-Chair (Utility) SROH Working Group & Co-Chair (JUG) AHAUC

Barry Rainger

Co-Chair (Utility) SROH Working Group & Co-Chair (JUG) AHAUC
Barry Rainger

I have worked in the Utility industry for 36 years across Telecoms, Electric and Water, as well as gaining experience in the Local Authority sector.

I have covered a multitude of experience ranging from engineering, Planning and Investment, Streetworks and Network Management, hence giving an expansive view across the ‘cradle to grave’ aspect of the work journey. I have been working for Thames Water for the past 16 years where I have responsibility for the Local Authority relationship, the performance management of Thames Waters contracts/contractors for streetworks as well as identification for NRSWA adoption of current and new legislation, managing provision of any streetworks legislative prosecutions, including acting as expert witness, on both criminal and civil cases.

I have been directly managing streetworks since 2001, introducing various new legislative requirements into BAU operational activities and learning packages.

Currently, I hold/fulfil the following roles in Thames Water and the HAUC environment:

  • Street Works Senior Regional Streetworks Manager for TWUL
  • Joint Chair of AHAUC
  • Chair of the SROH working group
  • Steering group member for Safety Code of Practice
  • Member for Inspection Code of practice group

Senior Regional Street Works Manager

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  • Q1 Where does this group cover

    The SROH working group is specifically looking at the SROH for England. and is focused on working with the fourth edition. 

    Wales and Northern Ireland use earlier edition of the codes. 

    Scotland have a separate HAUC Working Group looking at the SROR for Scotland