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News from NUAR - May 2024

Monthly update on The National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) - May 2024

Welcome to our monthly update on the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR), an interactive digital map of underground pipes and cables from the Geospatial Commission. It gives planners and excavators standardised access to the data they need, when they need it, to carry out their work effectively and safely. You can find out more on GOV.UK.

Over 200 asset owners are now on NUAR

Over 200 underground asset owners have now published data on NUAR. Across England and Wales, this includes all Electricity Distribution Network Operators; all Gas Distribution Networks; all major Water and Sewerage Undertakers; 77 Highways Authorities; and major telecommunication companies, including Virgin Media, City Fibre, National Grid Telecoms, Gigaclear and Community Fibre.

We are immensely proud and grateful to all the organisations that have contributed to us achieving this milestone. There are also a further 100 organisations that have shared data with us, that we are still working diligently to get live on the platform.

Artificial intelligence and digitisation in the energy sector

The NUAR Team were at the House of Lords last month.

Viscount Camrose, Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, hosted an event bringing together energy sector leaders to discuss opportunities offered by advances in geospatial technologies, including NUAR.

Viscount Camrose, Minister for AI and Intellectual Property
Viscount Camrose, Minister for AI and Intellectual Property

Support for NUAR

“As a small company, with responsibility for only a few hundred metres of highway, we were unsure if we would be a priority. However, we have always found the NUAR Team to be welcoming and encouraging.

As a complete novice when it comes to digital mapping software, their advice and guidance has been indispensable and submitting information to the database turned out to be a lot less difficult than we expected!”

Stephen Betteridge, Director, Dunham Bridge Company

NUAR Onboarding in 60

If you are an underground asset owner that is not fully signed up to NUAR yet, why not join one of our new ‘NUAR Onboarding in 60’ webinars?

Gabi Chamberlain (AtkinsRéalis) will provide you with an overview of the onboarding journey, explain the legal agreements that underpin that process and confirm the next steps to progress your journey.

Sign-up for Wednesday 22 May here.

Get onboard

If you work for an underground asset owner that operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, that you do not think is fully signed up to NUAR yet, contact our onboarding team by emailing our Service Desk at [email protected].

If you are a contractor working on behalf of an asset owner, please contact them to see if they can provide you access.

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