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The HAUC(UK) App

The HAUC(UK) App, designed to give you the most up to date access to safety information when undertaking street and road works, whether in the office or on site.

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Safe Passage! [Bulletin 2022-22]

The use of Walkways in Carriageways to Manage Pedestrians

Bridging the Gap! [Bulletin 2022-21]

The use of Footway Boards

All Stop! [Bulletin 2022-20]

Failure of Temporary traffic signals

Is it Protected? [Bulletin 2022-19]

Protection of plant and materials on site

A Cut Too Far! [Bulletin 2022-18]

Over cutting Bituminous Reinstatements

Ramping Up! [Bulletin 2022-17]

The use of Ramps

Mind The Gap! [Bulletin 2022-16]

Width of trim back to allow suitable compaction at surface

Leave it to the Law [Bulletin 2022-15]

Dealing with the Breaches of Temporary traffic management (TTM)

Crossing Fever [Bulletin 2022-14]

Closure of Pedestrian Crossing Points

Light It Up [Bulletin 2022-13]

Proper use of road danger lamps

Why did the Pedestrian cross the road? [Bulletin 2022-12]

Footway Closures

What's your Number? [Bulletin 2022-11]

Using Permit Boards

Blown Over! [Bulletin 2021-10]

Stabilisation of signs and barriers against wind

Brace Yourself! [Bulletin 2021-09]

Bracing Barriers & Double Clipping

Abandoned Vehicles [Bulletin 2021-08]

Vehicle Parking on Site

Undercover Roads [Bulletin 2021-07]

How to manage Modular Material within the Excavation?

Undercover Road

How to manager Modular Material within the Excavation?

Dash and Grab! [Bulletin 2021-06]

The use of Grab and other large vehicles at Street works.

Damage is Dangerous [Bulletin 2021-05]

Assessing the condition of the signs and barriers?

Space the Final Frontier! [Bulletin 2021-04]

How much space do you need for the works?