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HAUC England Working Party publishes overview of Key Changes to SROH

With the changes to SROH coming in to force as statutory guidance on 10th May 2021, the HAUC England SROH Working Party has published an overview of key changes to the specification for Managers and Supervisors.

The 4th edition of the specification, which has been in circulation since Spring 2020, was issued early last year to assist and encourage Industry to make use of a wider range of options, alternatives and products contained within it during Covid-19. Additionally, it also enabled Authorities, Utilities and their Contractors to become more familiar with the contents in advance of its legal application from 10th May 2021.

To assist with awareness and the transition to the new Specification the SROH working group have prepared and agreed on the attached briefing slides (linked below) for sharing and briefing out across England. The slides are badged as “HAUC England” and in PDF format to facilitate ease of sharing, consistent messaging and understanding, and interpretation and application amongst all practitioners.

The slides deliberately capture only the most significant items at a relatively high level and not all the changes are covered. To provide a full and comprehensive document would have resulted in a much larger pack of information.

Issues arising regarding the specification’s use should be discussed and resolved initially at local/regional level. A process to deal with questions and answers has been designed by the DfT and HAUC and will be available during May 2021 and linked to the new HAUC(UK) website. However, until the launch of the Q&A process, colleagues are requested to contact the joint chairs of the SROH, Alan Rainford and Colin Rivett.

David Latham/Peter Loft
David Latham/Peter Loft

Peter Loft and David Latham



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