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The HAUC(UK) App, designed to give you the most up to date access to safety information when undertaking street and road works, whether in the office or on site.

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Collaboration Toolkit

HAUC England V1

Code of Practice for Reinstatement Quality Plans

New code of practice implemented 31st March 2023

SROR 5th Edition October 2023

Undercover Road

How to manager Modular Material within the Excavation?

SROR 5th version 2023

PBI's Street Works Regulatory changes

Permit Scheme - Statutory Guidance for Highway Authorities April 2023

Code of Practice for Inspections April 2023

Co-ordination Code of Practice

Street works permit schemes conditions July 2022

The Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways – 4th Edition

An Overview of the Key Changes to SROH for Managers and Supervisors [Prepared by the HAUC (UK) SROH Working Party]. Coming into force as statutory guidance on 10th May 2021

Supplementary Guidance for the Safety at Street Works and Road Works: A Code of Practice 2013

This guidance note sets out procedures for managing street works, road works & associated maintenance activities wherever they may impact on walkers and cyclists. It provides supplementary guidance to the Safety at Street Works and Road Works: A Code of Practice 2013 (the Red Book).

Specification and Operational Requirements for Footway Boards, Driveway Boards, Footway Ramps and Road Plates (Advice Note No 2018-01)

This section contains the performance requirements for footway boards, footway ramps, driveway boards and road plates. It includes requirements and guidance for temporarily bridging excavations to maintain pedestrian and vehicular access using ramps, boards and plates. It complements the red book.

Broadband Infrastructure Installation (Advice Note No 2017 02)

This note provides guidance for coordination of street works for High Speed broadband network build and upgrade, in particular cabinet installation and is aimed at authorities in England only.

Carriageway Incursion (TM Notification) England and Wales (Advice Note No 2017 01)

This advice note is written as a new section for inclusion within Chapter 12 of the Code of Practice for the Coordination of Street Works and Works for Road Purposes and Related Matters and the Code of Practice for Permits.

Standard Permit Response Codes (Advice Note No 2016 02)

This document is intended to be reviewed on a yearly basis. It may be decided that more or different codes are required once users have experience of using this document. The text for the specified codes is suggested and can be changed by Permit Authorities if preferred, the code itself is the crucial element to enable reporting.

Report Template for the Evaluation of Permit Schemes (Advice Note No 2016 01)

This new regulation makes provision for the content and timing of permit scheme evaluations which states that permit schemes be evaluated following the first, second and third anniversary of the scheme’s commencement and then following every third anniversary. It also requires that the outcome of each evaluation be made available within three months of the relevant anniversary.

Clarification of Use of ETON6 for Defective Apparatus(S81s) (Advice Note No 2015 Defect)

This note provides good practice advice and guidance for utility company and highway authority system users when managing Defective Apparatus/S81s within their respective ETON system; a subject which came high on the list of issues following the system group survey.

HAUC (UK) Constitution (Revised for 2015) (Advice Note No 2015 01)

Members of the Group have made a commitment to work together within HAUC(UK) and with Regional HAUCs, NIRAUC, Welsh HAUC and RAUC(Scotland) colleagues to develop and deliver a more effective organisation that supports the road and street works community in delivering for the public interest.

Reinstatement of Micro-Trenches (Advice Note No 2014 04)

This advice note on micro-trenching supplements the guidance document produced by the Department for Culture Media and Sport in November 2011, and is a reinstatement specification designed to support undertakers and authorities should they agree to adopt micro-trenching as part of an installation methodology.