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Welcome the new HAUC(UK) Website

We hope you like our new site. Please feel free to contact us with any information, documents or content that you think is missing from the site.


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To find out more about your local HAUC Community please get in contact with one of our regional chairs

General comments or enquiries


Ian Law (JAG) and Peter Loft (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the London region


Dean Howard (JAG) and Graham Bond (SWUK)

Co-Chair of the Welsh region

For general comments or enquiries

East Midlands

Elaine Coupe (JAG) and Samantha Brothwell (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the East Midlands region

West Midlands

Andy Wilkins (JAG) and James Kenney (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the West Midlands region

South West

Phil Cameron (JAG) and Andy Fripp (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the South West region


Sam Guiver (JAG) and Barry Rainger (SWUK)

Co-Chairs Anglian Region

North East

Andy Waters (JAG) and Rachel Dodds (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the North East region

North West

Tony Hemmingway (JAG) and Adam Brunskill (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the North West region

South East

Jeff Elliott (JAG) and Paul Dooley (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the South East region


Darren Badrock (JAG) and Nigel Myers (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the Yorkshire region


David Armitage (JAG) and Jim Forbes (SWUK)

Co-Chairs of the RAUC Scotland

For general comments or enquiries

Northern Ireland

Aidan O'Callaghan (JAG)

Co-Chair of the Northern Ireland region

For general comments or enquiries

HAUC England

David Latham (JAG) and Peter Loft (SWUK)

Co Chairs of HAUC England

For general comments or enquiries