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The HAUC(UK) App

The HAUC(UK) App, designed to give you the most up to date access to safety information when undertaking street and road works, whether in the office or on site.

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Safety Working Group Report January 2020

Action refresh of current code to include additional cycle safety advice and to included the FAQ’s.

SROH Strategic Review. Legacy document.

This document presents key amendments included within the 4th Edition of the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways (SROH). In addition, it includes proposed amendments that were broadly supported, but could not be actioned within the project timescales.

Street works in England - Briefing Paper

This paper sets out the rights of utility companies and others to undertake street works and the powers available to street authorities to manage and mitigate those works.

Specification and Operational Requirements for Footway Boards, Driveway Boards, Footway Ramps and Road Plates (Advice Note No 2018-01)

This section contains the performance requirements for footway boards, footway ramps, driveway boards and road plates. It includes requirements and guidance for temporarily bridging excavations to maintain pedestrian and vehicular access using ramps, boards and plates. It complements the red book.

Broadband Infrastructure Installation (Advice Note No 2017 02)

This note provides guidance for coordination of street works for High Speed broadband network build and upgrade, in particular cabinet installation and is aimed at authorities in England only.

Carriageway Incursion (TM Notification) England and Wales (Advice Note No 2017 01)

This advice note is written as a new section for inclusion within Chapter 12 of the Code of Practice for the Coordination of Street Works and Works for Road Purposes and Related Matters and the Code of Practice for Permits.