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Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 005.6: Training & Accreditation

Following the publication of the government route map for exiting lockdown, and the proposed easing of restrictions, we recognise that difficulties will continue for Street Works Operatives and Supervisors in renewing their cards owing to the reduced capacity of assessment centres and other parts of the street works accreditation system, as a result of Covid-19.

SWQR have shared the following with the HAUC community;

March 2021 update – Card Exemption.

In conjunction with the key stakeholders who regulate and administer the Street Works scheme, the following statement has been agreed to advise Street Works Operatives and Supervisors:

The ‘exemption’ from the card enforcement policy will be further extended until 30 September 2021, this extension recognises that there may be some delay in centres becoming operational and offering the range of Street Works Units and qualifications. Card Enforcement Officers will exercise a degree of leniency, as it is recognised that works must continue, but that card holders may be unable to renew their cards due to Assessment Centres being closed. This means that you will be able to continue to work if your card has expired since March 2020.

For Operatives or Supervisors whose cards have expired since March 2020, or are due to expire before 30 September 2021, and have been unable to Re-assess due to the COVID restrictions, you must Re-assess at the earliest opportunity, please bear in mind that your card is valid for 5 years, and can be Re-assessed up to 5 years after the card expiry date. For Operatives and Supervisors who hold Re-registration cards, please continue to submit your applications as usual, as there is no requirement to attend an Assessment Centre you can apply to renew your card through the normal process.

If you are unable to attend a centre near you which has closed under the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, please contact the Awarding Organisations that supplied your Certificate.”

However, it remains essential that street works do not stop entirely, and some cards will lapse, or replacement cards may not be available through no fault of the holders. We are therefore writing regarding card enforcement policy to ask that street authorities bear this in mind up until 30 September 2021.

Please remember that competent staff are essential to safe sites and this advice does not mean that the requirements for qualified staff on sites has been waived. They should still be able to evidence their card even if it has expired or not been replaced within the terms of this advice.

Best Regards

Peter Loft and David Latham

Joint Chairs HAUC England

Agreed by all parties including the DfT, HAUC UK, JAG, Street Works UK, RAUC Scotland & DCMS. For Wales and Northern Ireland see advice in italics below provided by them.

Update for Re-registration candidates operating in Wales and Northern Ireland

Card holders will be aware of the various updates on our website, with regards to renewal of Re-assessment cards.

Please note, that as Re-registration does not require any assessment you should continue to renew your cards even if you have been furloughed, cannot obtain a new passport photograph, or your employer / manager has instructed you not to, as there is an ‘extension’ in place.

Card renewal is the responsibility of the individual who holds it, and unless instructed by SWQR you should renew your card within the card validity date, or as a last resort within the three month run-out period for your card.

If you are unclear how to act, or require advice please contact the Street Works Team on: Email - [email protected], Tel - 0345 270 2720 or via the contact form on our website here.

SWQR Addendum

What does this mean for centres and candidates?

Centres and candidates should continue to submit applications to Street Works as normal, we will respond to emails and answer phone enquiries 09:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday. All applications sent to us will be held by Royal Mail and processed when we return to our offices. Please call us for urgent enquiries only.

Can Street Works confirm to employers / inspectors that I am on the Register?

Street Works can confirm to the candidate via e-mail if:

- we have received and processed your application;

- you are on the Register;

- your card has still to be printed.

Can I submit my applications electronically?

Street Works will shortly be publishing a digital application form, which will be available on our website for candidates and centres to submit their applications. We will also be contacting centres with high volumes of applications to submit these via SharePoint.

How do I make sure I am kept up to date with any changes?

You can sign up to our License Reminder and Alerts service on our website here. You can also check our website for our regular updates on changes to our application processing etc.

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