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Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 008: Good practice during the Covid-19 recovery 14 December 2020

As the industry continues working with the latest Government guidance and the country learns to live with Covid-19, new challenges and opportunities are inevitably arising. The industry needs to continue to adapt, be agile and innovative in order to operate effectively within this challenging environment.

The advice below is intended to provide a framework for planning, cooperating and implementing work so that, as effectively as possible, we continue to deliver the essential work of providing

services and safe highways whilst keeping the workforce and the public safe. Consistency and transparency are crucial.

This framework is aimed at being a practical guide to assist the industry, and a place to capture good practice, ideas and example. This is the third update and we plan to continue updating it as changes demand, so please do share any examples or photos that you have. You can send these to your regular HAUC England, JAG or Street Works UK contacts.

Peter Loft and David Latham
Joint Chairs of HAUC (England)

Current Bulletins during Covid-19, 001.2 essential works, 002 defects, 004 Section 81 defective apparatus, 005.2 Streetworks ticket, 006 charges and permits, 007.1 Green Transport Restart, 008.3 Good practice during the Covid-19 recovery, 009 Street Manager and new legislation 1 July 2020, 010 Working in local Covid-19 Hotspots.



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