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Covid-19 Road and Street Works Bulletin 007.1 : Green Transport Restart and Recovery.

In May, the Government announced that it was providing funds to Local Authorities to enable the provision of more space for walking and cycling and issued temporary network management duty statutory guidance in response to Covid-19.

The Statutory guidance document The Statutory guidance document can be found here.

This is to facilitate a shift in capacity from public transport and enable social distancing, particularly in urban areas. These funds will support the implementation of, for example, pop-up bike lanes, widened pavements, and cycle and bus-only corridors. The Government has also published ‘Covid-19: Safer Public Places – urban and green centres guidance’ which can be found here

Authorities have been working to urgently put in place measures to deal with coronavirus. Where a traffic order is needed for the works, the works should then, strictly speaking, be classified as major works. Highways works promoters dealing with these schemes need permits approved urgently and should not wait any longer than is absolutely necessary for the permit to be approved.

It was, and is strongly recommended therefore, that that Authorities’ allow Authority Work Promotors to utilise the Minor or Standard Works Permit categories with early starts where necessary for these schemes on a site by site basis. It must be emphasised that as much notice as possible should be given to inform key stakeholders such as utilities about such works to give an early opportunity to highlight critical assets, bring their works forward or to use the same workspace during any works the authority may be undertaking. Given the general public’s interest in these types of schemes and the scrutiny being experienced at this time, a situation whereby assets are covered over or compromised must be avoided, or exceptionally where this is unavoidable, mutually cost neutral and acceptable arrangements to afford access found. The Network Management Duty Statutory Guidance mentioned above makes it clear that access must continue to be provided for street and road works.

It is also recommended that each scheme/works take account of the following;

• authorities reallocating road space should include these in the co-ordination program of works shared with all Promoters. Sharing details of the proposals as early as possible will enable opportunities for the potential to undertake work either prior to or within the reallocated road space.

• the need to plan, coordinate, consult and the continued provision of access for street and road works in a way that minimises disruption to road users and maintain safe working environment.

Please note that Street Manager asks you to record that these works are being carried out for Covid-19 reasons, as this helps DfT to track and monitor numbers of works. This is a voluntary field, but it is helpful for Promoters to complete.

Best Regards

Peter Loft and David Latham

Joint Chairs HAUC England

Agreed by all parties including the DfT, HAUC UK, JAG, Street Works UK & DCMS

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